Call for Submissions

Submissions start now and the deadline will be November 15th, 2023.
Due to popular demand we will extend the deadline for abstract submissions until December 10th, 2023, 23:59 CET.

There are several formats available for submissions: Oral presentation, Poster and Symposium. The Scientific Committee will make a final selection of presentations based on scientific quality, relevance, importance and impact.

Submissions must include:

  • Identification: Names, Affiliations and contacts (e-mail addresses) for all authors,
  • Submission title,
  • Abstract:  150 words limit, including rationale, methods, results (can be expected results if study is not yet concluded at time of submission), and implications of the work to be presented.

Oral presentation and Poster formats

All submissions should be linked to one of the topics covered by the conference:

  • Personality and Health
  • Personality and Neuroscience
  • Personality and Industrial/Organization
  • Personality, Motivation and Emotion
  • Personality and Social Psychology Processes
  • Personality and Psychopathology
  • Personality Assessment, Methods and Statistics
  • Personality and Education
  • Personality Structure
  • Biological Bases of Personality
  • Personality and Positive or Humanistic Psychology
  • Personality And Cross/Cultural Processes
  • Personality and Culture
  • Personality and Intelligence
  • Personality and Development
  • Personality and Forensic Psychology
  • Personality Processes
  • Personality, Situations, and Environments
  • Personality and Social Relationships
  • Personality and Cognition
  • Applied Personality Psychology
  • Evolutionary Perspectives on Personality
  • Theoretical Approaches to Personality

Members of Scientific Committee will review all submissions. It’s possible that submissions that are not accepted for oral presentation may be switched for posters presentation.

The poster should be prepared as A0 format.

Submitted Symposium and Invited symposium

Symposium should be 90 minutes in length and encompass presentations from a minimum of 4 and maximum of 6 speakers (including a possible discussant) on a common issue. Besides a chairperson, a symposium may optionally also include a discussant. In planning a symposium, a chairperson should allow sufficient time for audience questions and discussion. The chairperson is responsible for joint submission of the symposium summary as well as the abstracts of individual submissions.

All symposium submissions must include:

  • Names, affiliations and contact information (e-mail) for the chairperson,
  • All presenters, and discussant,
  • Symposium title,
  • Topic, and summary of no more than 150 words,
  • Titles and individual abstracts (150 words max) for each submission to be included in the symposium.

Data Blitz format

Authors will present their work in rapid-pace form. Presenters will be given up to 5 minutes during the data blitz oral session to report the main findings of their study. During the submissions process, authors will have the option to indicate whether they would like their abstract to be considered for the Data Blitz Session. Among all submissions, the Scientific Committee will select the most interesting abstracts which will be scheduled into the Data Blitz session.

Authors of submissions selected for the Data Blitz session, should prepare up to 4 slides containing: (1) the title, the names of all authors, their affiliations and contacts, and any acknowledgements/funding sources (first slide), (2) an overview of the study background and the key question/s being addressed (second slide), (3) brief information about the research design used to address the research question (third slide), and (4) main findings/conclusions (fourth slide).

Paper sessions (oral presentations)

All oral presentations must include:

  • Names, affiliations and contact information (e-mail) for the presenter and authors,
  • title, topic, and summary of no more than 150 words.

Number of Submissions

Please note that every person can only submit one abstract (regardless of the kind of submission).

For any question, please ask the Scientific Committee as soon as possible.